Black Toenail and Family History

How did I get this from a sock??
I know it’s gross. I know what you’re thinking: Why would you upload a picture of your nasty black toenail?? That’s mean! I just lost my breakfast. We’ll, it is my blog and I can post what I want, so there. And really, who else do you know gets black toenails from socks?!? I always make sure to buy my shoes a couple sizes bigger to give my funky toes ample room. However, on St. Patty’s day I made the mistake of wearing some Injini’s that were just a little too small and this one little piggy got a black eye.

Let me give you a little history of myself. I’m a klutz and find weird ways to injure myself. There is a saying in my family that one “pulls a Megan” when they spill something, fall, break something, or anything else that might fall into the category of being clumsy. It’s not all my fault though. This klutziness/bad luck with weird injuries goes waaay back one generation to my dad. Pop is famous (in our family of 4) for cracking his skull open 5 different times. In no particular order: He fell while ice skating. He fell out of a tree. A tricycle fell on his head. A kid hit him on the head with a metal hoe. He had a race to the fireplace with his sister and his head won. (My mom is fairly coordinated. There was just one incident when she collided with a tree while skiing. Don’t worry, she wasn’t hurt because she was going 2mph.)

So anyways, that’s how I came to be my coordinated self. A little personal history: I broke my collarbone being born. It could’ve been because I was a ginormous baby and my mom is tiny, but I think that must have been my first klutzy moment and I somehow did it to myself. Another time, I gave myself a fat lip with and ice cube. I had made them in plastic cups. While squeezing the cup to get it out, I managed to shoot it at my face. Then there was the time I sliced my finger open with a plastic butter knife.

Then there was the time in Puerto Rico when Tony and I got coordinated jellyfish stings:


Don’t ask Tony about this incident. It’s still a sore subject with him. In a nutshell, I got stung and started freaking out in the water. Tony thought I was drowning and came over to save me. In the end it was Tony and Megan: 0, Jellyfish: 2

I know this post went off on a random tangent but what can I say. I’m “aimless”, and it’s MY blog! Plus, I’m a little preoccupied with my toe; I am not sure how it’ll look next week, and I’d hate for my toenail to fall off in the middle of a 50 mile run. For all those who are curious, I’ll post another picture after the race. Until then, I’ll stick to happy photos like this: 

Reflection of the day: What’s the weirdest way you’ve been hurt? I bet you can’t beat fat lip by ice cube.

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