AR 50: The Best Day Ever *teaser*

Yesterday I ran the American River 50 Mile Endurance run. To say that it was probably the best day of my life would be sad, and cheesy. And true. But it’s ok, I’m not married yet and don’t have babies, so I’m sure one day this B.D.E. will be surpassed.

I know you all are dying to hear the details. I want to put together a post that would do the day justice, so I’m taking my time. For now, just the basics.

-I finished in 10:51:09, which is an official qualifying time for the Western States Endurance Run. It’s not the best time ever, but WAY BETTER than expected, considering my non-existent training.

-I ran for the majority of the race. I took 2 minute walk breaks occasionally, but felt SO GREAT that I ran a slow jog almost the entire time.

-I wore BRIGHT pink compression calf sleeves and through out the entire race, everyone shouted “nice socks!!” and “hey, pink socks!!”. I chose not to correct them on this technicality :)

Some photo highlights:

Have you ever heard of the phrase that a guy “got chicked?” (Urban dictionary it.) Happened a lot during this race 😉

Read about it tomorrow night (??) when I’ll hopefully have a nice, long race report.

5 thoughts on “AR 50: The Best Day Ever *teaser*

    • Oh, I doubt it. It’s a lottery system too, so it’s not guaranteed I’d get in. I think I would want a 100mile race under my belt (since that is what WS is). But who knows? I usually do things without thinking about them first, so I might enter the lottery and be stuck doing it :)

  1. I believe you when you say yesterday was a BDE! At each crew station you looked great and better than the previous one and when you crossed the finish line, you actually looked euphoric. I must have looked like that when the nurse handed you to me when you were born! You make me a very proud mom. I can hardly wait to read your blog tomorrow.

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