Gorgeous Run

Today I had a great mountain run. The distance: 9.25 miles. The time: 2 1/2 hours. Total elevation gain: at least 3000 ft. (<— um, someone help me set my Garmin to track elevation!)

I didn’t have a set plan as to how long I’d be out there, so I made sure to go prepared:

Last week I totaled out at 30 miles exactly. This week I’m hoping to do anything over 30. Since I took a day off on Monday, I knew today’s run should be at least 6 miles. I also knew that since I’d be tackling the Mountain, I’d be going pretty darn slow for the first half of my run. So I took enough water to last me about 4 hours give or take (you know, in case I decided to make it a loooong run. Or got lost and stranded). I also wanted to test out hydration methods for my upcoming TRT50. I’m liking the idea of a hydration pack (the cute blue backpack above) and one water bottle.

I also LOVE the new visor. I’m hoping that the people I pass on the mountain think I’m sponsored by Clif.

They probably think I’m just another weird dorky trail runner but I prefer to believe otherwise.

I hiked to the peak which took about 1 hour for 3 miles. The peak is at 2,500 ft and has a beautiful view of the East Bay.

This photo wasn’t from the top yet. There were hawks circling below which I obviously didn’t catch on the picture, but it was great. Made me feel like I was in the clouds.

View from the top!

(I obviously have to work on my photo editing skills but oh well.)

Once I reached the top I meandered out and back among the trails until it was time to descend. After a rocky hike down from the peak, it’s about 2.5 miles and 2000 ft all downhill to the parking lot. It’s SO FUN, and I feel like a little kid when I’m coasting down hill. I can’t completely let myself go though, because I’m prone to “eating it”, and I’d hate to be like the infamous Jill and tumble 2.5 miles down the hill.

All and all a great run.


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