Goal #1: Eat more healthfully and mindfully

Since there are a lot of goals I have for myself, I thought I’d spend this week addressing my goals one day at a time. Hopefully putting my goals out there will help me stay accountable. That’s why everyone starts a blog, right?

So goal #1 is COMPLETELY BORING AND UNORIGINAL, but something that needs to be done: eat more healthfully and mindfully.

The most common fallacy of runners is that we think we can eat as much as we want. Even those of us who are somewhat aware of eating healthfully get caught up in the excitement that yes, we just ran 10 miles so we can have that ice cream/oreo/juicy burger/extra ranch on everything/etc. Or beer. Who doesn’t like beer??

I sure do. And it’s ok to drink it. Just not a 6 pack a day. If you drink enough to make a beer-amid, you’ve drank too much for the day.

I guess we were too drunk to make a taller beeramid. Best light beer ever BTW

Enough with the beer photos. You know that saying, “Don’t live to eat, eat to live”? Well, I’d like to do both, but with healthfulness in mind. It’s a hard thing to do, to find that right balance. I definitely LOVE to be able to eat yummy things and I’m proud of the fact that I have a strong and lean body, but I also know that there is room for improvement. I’m sure that at mile 48 this Saturday I’ll be saying to myself WHY??? did I eat all those Oreos?? Why?? Why didn’t I eat more yummy, healthy salads (like this one)?

So the moral of this post is not for me to start obsessing about food. I’ve been there and it’s not fun and it makes me grumpy. Rather, it’s to try to make smarter choices. Or at least ask myself this question: Is it worth it? And for sure, sometimes it is :)

Oh, and to try try tryyy to only eat cupcakes and cake on birthdays!

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