WARNING: This post is not informative nor entertaining. I’m about to whine my butt off so read at your own risk. It’s 5 minutes of your life that you can’t get back.


This week has been a horrible training week. Not an exaggeration. The last four weeks, I’ve had the following weekly-mileage totals: 45, 40, 40, 52. (Give or take a mile, don’t have my training log with me.) This week, as of today–Friday–I’ve run 5 miles. On the treadmill. And the thing is, I don’t really have an excuse! It’s like a have runners-block. There isn’t any injury or time commitment that is preventing me from running. However, my motivation has plummeted, and minor annoyances have been serving as excuses not to run. Today for example, I have a cut on the back of my heel that’s irritating no matter what running shoes I wear. How did I get it?? By wearing stupid wedge shoes that cut into the back of my heel. And chances are I won’t get a run in until it doesn’t hurt.

I know there is not much fitness I can lose in a week. I know it’s good that I’m cycling and doing some strength training. I know that I ran a 50k PR on Sunday and that I should be giving myself a break. BUT, I’m not sore at all from the race, so that isn’t a good excuse either. I am frustrated because this is NOT the way one should train for an intense 50 mile race at altitude. I should be giving it my all every day, making my heel bleed and throwing up on the trails when necessary. If I’m not injured, there’s no excuse to “give myself a break.”


That is why I’m frustrated. I know come July 21st, I’ll be mentally kicking myself if I’m not prepared. As it is, I’m training a lot less that most people would. And as it is, no matter how prepared I am it’s going to be a tough run. So maybe the best thing I can do is to mentally prepare myself for extreme discomfort.

I plan on playing it by ear to finish off this week. I know that I’m burnt out and being a big baby. However, I don’t want to push myself and cram a bunch of miles into this weekend. If I do that, I might tear up my heel more and might end up injuring myself. Hopefully I’ll fit in 10-20 miles, but if not I’m just gonna write it off as a freak-week and pretend like it never happened.

I promise my next post will be filled with rainbows and lollipops and sunshine and daisies and most of all, a nice, successful run. :)

2 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. Sometimes breaks are good for getting back the motivation to run – especially distance running. I’ve started this (bad) mindset that if I can’t go for a 5-6 mile run, it’s not even worth doing. You’ll get out of your slump soon and you’ll be back to running crazy long distances in no time :)

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