Week Off is Over

Last week was basically a week off of running. I was burnt out mentally, and had other things in my life to tend to. All I did was: 1 hour bike, 5 miles on the treadmill, 5 miles walking outdoors, and 3.2 sorry miles in 90 degree weather (<—my brother and I peer pressured each other to turn around early).

I asked the ultra-gurus a.k.a. The Zombies a.k.a. my bosses and owners of ZombieRunner what the repercussions were of taking a week off of running in the middle of training for a 50 mile race. Their response was unanimous: it can only help. The Zombies have a few hundred ultras between them and it’s their job to know ultrarunning, so I’m gonna go ahead and believe them. I’m pretty lucky to have them as my quasi coaches.

So last week I didn’t stress about not running. And this week, I’m back at it. Yesterday (Monday) I hit the local mountain during the 90 degree weather and had a great 6 mile run/hike. Elevation gain was about 2,000 ft and it all felt great. (I have no idea why heat affects me one day and not the next. I should probably start paying better attention to these things.)

Today felt miserable, but I managed to eke out a 15 mile run/hike with 3,912 ft gain in elevation. I don’t normally keep track of elevation, but I’m trying to do as much as possible since my upcoming 50 miler will have about 9,000+ feet of elevation gain and loss.

Don’t let the smile fool you. I was NOT feelin’ it. I’m not sure why today was miserable, but it probably was several factors including heat, hydration, and fueling. However, I did it, and that’s what matters most. It was good practice for mentally pushing myself and just getting the job done. I took it easy, and stopped to enjoy the scenery, and took some pictures like a good blogger.

And last photo of the post, a memorial to Catra Corbett’s dog Rocky Ridge. He’s such a cutie. And she’s an amazing local ultrarunner who is such an inspiration.

So hopefully I’ll have a good running week. I am planning on doing another 50k this Saturday. It’ll be a doozy-7,000+ feet of elevation gain. Torture, but good preparation for TRT50. :)

4 thoughts on “Week Off is Over

  1. Sounds like your mind and body really needed that week off. Glad you are back at it! I am really enjoying following your training for TRT50, even with a frustrating low mileage week (lets us know you are human ;). Good luck with the 50K this weekend!

  2. I think everyone needs a little time off every once in a while. It puts your mind back in the game. I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming races! I had never really thought about ultra running until I came across your blog, and now I am seriously thinking of running 31 miles on my 31 birthday (March 31st – it’ll be a 31 overload haha). From there, a 50 miler doesn’t seem *too* far off….

    • I love it! 31 for your 31st sounds great. And you can do it! It’s all about taking it slow. I’m sure you’ll get even more hooked for distance after your first full :)

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