Old News

If you’ve been following my story for awhile, you’ve read about my crew. Unfortunately, 2.5 members of my crew decided that a 50 mile race was old news and that if they’ve seen one, they’ve seen ’em all.

Just kidding. They are tending to important matters.

Here’s who will be missing in action:

This guy

My personal photographer is tending to some important business. He will be missed. While I’m sure he’d give anything to see me cross the finish line, I know he’s secretly relieved he doesn’t need to run me in to every aid station. At AR50, my dad would backtrack the course from the aid station to get shots of me running in. He probably ran a total of 15 miles that day, in jeans and flip flops. I think the elevation of this course intimidated him. Love you Pop! You’ll be at the next one. You know, the 100 mile one :)

This girl

My brother’s girlfriend Meg recently started a new and fabulous job. She works long hours and works very hard. While she deserves a vacation, maybe a vacation from my brother is the next best thing. (Ha! Just kidding bro.) I will definitely miss her cheering and posters.

This little guy

Gus will be perfecting the Upward Dog. He leads a stressful life and we’re thinking he should just spend the weekend relaxing. Maybe he’ll get a chance to go on a date. I know the perfect gal…

I am so grateful that I’ll have my mother, brother, and bestfriendpartnerforlifeballandchain with me during the race. There are less crew-access aid stations so less for them to see. Fortunately Tahoe is filled with gorgeous views so hopefully they’ll enjoy nature’s beauty while I’m out there running.

2 and a half days till TRT

9 thoughts on “Old News

  1. 2.5 days?!? You must be so excited/anxious/everything in between! I really want a ‘crew!’ I just a running group about a month ago, and I’m hoping that during marathons, the ladies who aren’t running the race will come out to support those who are. I’m sure it makes a huge difference to have someone out there cheering you on – giving water bottles and food.

  2. You’ll be fabulous. I’m new to reading your blog, but it looks like you got it all worked out: keep that will-power going and you’ll kill it. Good luck. Can’t wait for the re-cap!

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