The Queen of the Taper

Since AR50 is in a little over two weeks I’ve been in “taper” mode. Tapering is when you decrease your mileage to recover and save your legs in time for an endurance event. This is usually my forte. In fact, when it comes to the taper I’m somewhat of an overachiever. I like to start early and taper hard. Sometimes I supplement my taper regimen with carbs such as ice cream and Oreos. It’s the best part of training and the one thing I’m excellent at.

There's always a good reason to have ice cream.

I’ve been looooosely following a training plan for these last few weeks to get an idea of how much I should run at the most. Since I didn’t follow this plan for the previous months of training though, I’m conflicted as to whether I need to taper as much or not. But my motto is when in doubt, do less.

That being said, today I ran 8.85 miles. This is more than the  7 miles suggested in the plan, but I figured there’s no way that I’m running 18 miles on Saturday so I might as well do what I can. As you can see, I’m not strict when it comes to following plans.

Sheep again! But they were less hostile this time.

No, this was not taken by a professional with a wind machine. It was just me and the wind. Hard to believe, huh?








My next race after the AR50 will be the Tahoe Rim Trail Run which is another 50 mile endurance run. This one’ll be a doozy though. The net elevation gain is something like 9,000 feet, and the race takes place at altitude. Considering I’ve been sucking air on my short runs and walking quite a bit on my long runs, it looks like it’s time to buckle down for some SERIOUS training after AR50. Starting around then, I’m gonna log my miles/workouts for the world to see.

To anyone out there who reads my blog (anyone there? anyone?? and not you, Mom) : Do you use a training plan when preparing for a race? What are the pros and cons? What is your favorite part of training?


6 thoughts on “The Queen of the Taper

  1. I am using Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Novice Training Schedule right now, and plan to use the Full Marathon Novice schedule starting in July. I loosely follow it – it’s more of a guideline for me than a plan. I am also a master taper-er! I’m running the Dallas Rock n’ Roll half marathon on Sunday, and I tapered last week, and haven’t even run this week! I’m nursing a sore leg that felt a little off, so I’m hoping that it helped.

  2. You are doing a 50 mile!?! Fun! I am planning on doing the VT50 this September. I say planning on it because the registration doesn’t open until May 25th – I have it on my calendar to make sure I register the first day possible! I missed it last year because they closed the reg early because we had a big hurricane come through and destroy most of the trails. Anyway, good luck!!! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it. My husband does the ultra’s, he’s doing leadville 100 this summer – will be interesting! Enjoy the taper:)

    • Wow, Leadville is no joke! I’m hoping this race goes well because I’ve already signed up for my second 50 miler and it’s gonna be a doozy (Tahoe Rim Trail 50 miler). That one I’ll HAVE to step up my training for. Good luck on getting into VT50! It’ll be run reading about your training if you do it and having someone to commiserate with. :)

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